Chugging a bottle of Ensure to wash down the last slice of white bread, I felt the blood still pumping in my tiny biceps. I had curled 15 lb weights until my arms felt like they were going to fall off.

I had no idea at the time that Ensure was basically corn syrup and water or that white bread had zero nutrition either. I had no idea that by just doing bicep curls, the rest of my six foot five 160 lb body was not going to grow at all.

But I knew this, I was now “lifting” and I was now “eating healthy” in my own mind.

Fast forward a little over ten years and I am the co-founder of a brand new 10,000 holistic health facility. I have health coached over 100 clients in the past 3 years. One of my greatest joys in life is giving someone that same feeling that I got back in my parents basement just before college: the feeling that TODAY was the start of something different in life; something amazing.

If I boil it all down, that’s what drives me: I love seeing the human spirit come alive.

I love seeing someone who has been trapped, unlock themselves and step outside whatever cage they have found themselves in; sometimes for their entire life.

We all have our cages, and I believe we all have at least one key right in front of us at all times.

The key may seem small. It may be rusty. We often become experts at ignoring it. After all, it may only get us through one door with a thousand more ahead.

“What’s the point?” we ask?

But it is a key.

It’s our next key.

If there is one thing that I know, it is this: You can ONLY move forward in life by using the key right in front of you.

Right now. Today.

And on some days, that little rusty key, tired of being ignored, cries out in silent desperation to us,

“I’m here! I’m right here!”

It reveals itself in the flicker of an intuitive flash in the forgotten parts of our soul.

In health, it may come as dusting off Dad’s dumbbells in the closet, doing bicep curls until you want to puke, and chugging sugar water one night because you are fed up being the skinny dude that’s been asked “are you sick?” one too many times.

It comes to the mother deciding at the grocery store to buy bananas instead of chips because she’s done waking up in the morning and wondering how she’s going to get through one more day without the energy to even put her feet on the ground.

It manifests as the new dad turning off the TV on a Thursday night and going outside for a walk in the rain until his lungs burn because he’s watched one too many people on TV make “the change” while he sat there hoping for the day lightning strikes for him.

Here at Foundation 513, we know how health actually works. You control the lightning. You hold the key.

One new decision. One next step and a life can change forever.

One moment in time where you choose to pick up that rusty key that’s been sitting in the corner of your mind, maybe for years, running over to the cage door with it held tightly in your grasp and jamming that little bastard in.

Let me tell you what happens next when we twist the key: The door always opens.

We have created “The Foundation Experience” with this in mind. We may not have YOUR first “rusty key.” It would be unfair to say we did for sure.

But, we do have a gym, a yoga studio, and we grow real food. We have coaches, trainers, and instructors that care. We have chefs and farmers that care. We have a mission that dares to proclaim that these cages that we’ve built up to be so big, aren’t so bad and aren’t so tough after all, especially if you have someone by your side.

We are driven to show the world that the keys to good health are everywhere. Thousands of them. We know because we keep getting better and better at finding them for ourselves.

Here’s the last thing “I know” for today: It’s your cage. It’s your key. It’s your choice whether to use it or not.


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Health Coach Zach

Author: Zach Franke, Co-Founder F513